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When disputes are not capable of resolution by the parties themselves then the issues may be resolved by means of a formal dispute resolution process.

We bring over 20 years of experience with dispute resolution, with the emphasis on resolution. During the course of any formal proceedings we continue to review cases on a regular basis in order to ensure that any settlement advice we offer is as up to date as possible, and that no opportunity for securing an advantage is missed.


  • Adjudication is a popular method of dispute resolution with more information available here.
  • We represent clients in adjudication proceedings and take enforcement action in the High Court if appropriate.
  • Chris Reeves is an adjudicator panel member with the RIBA and RICS.

Court proceedings and arbitration

  • We have wide experience of conducting court proceedings and arbitration and have been instrumental in widely reported cases that underpin key aspects of construction law.
  • We instruct specialist counsel to represent clients in the High Court and have a strong panel of expert witnesses to report on issues concerning valuation, defects and delay.


  • We are advocates for resolving disputes through mediation and regularly represent clients in mediation.
  • More information on the mediation process can be found here.
  • Chris Reeves is a founder member of a specialist construction and insurance mediation provider – Mediation4Construction.
  • Chris Reeves is an RICS accredited mediator and co-author of the award winning Constructing Excellence Guide to Construction Mediation – View Mediation Protocol PDF.

Our fees for advice and representation for dispute resolution proceedings are charged at an hourly rate. An estimate of likely fees will be given where possible. If an estimate is not possible then we will set a ‘cap’ on fees to assist with budgeting.

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